Project for B.Sc,M.Sc,M.Phill.Ph.D,B.pharm, M.pharm,B.Tech & M.Tech are being carried out in the fields

Drug Discovery


Physico chemical analysis

• Flourescence analysis

• Microscopic study

• Heavy metal analysis


 Extraction of raw materials with different methods

• Phytochemical analysis of different methods

• Isolation and characterization of phytoconstituents 

• Bio assay guided isolation and characterization for a specific activity

Compound Isolation

• TLC separation

• Column Chromatography

• Identification of compound

• Characterization of compound for specific activity

• Interpretation of the particular compounds

Pre- clinical activities (Invitro)

• Antioxidant (Enzymatic and Non- enzymatic activity)

• Anticancer

• Anti- diabetic

• Anti- inflammatory

• Anti- Jaundice

• Anti- arthritis

• Anti- Parkinsonism

• Anti- Hyperlipidermic

• Anti- artherosclerosis

• Antibacterial

• Antifungal

• Nutritional analysis

Analytical services

• Qualitative and quantitative HPLC analysis

• Spectral analysis – H1 NMR, C13 NMR, UV, FTIR, MASS and SEM

• Structural interpretation

Water analysis           Food and Soil analysis          Wood sample analysis

pH                             • Micronutrients                      • Density

• Turbidity                     • Macronutrients                     • Specific Heat capacity

• Electroconductivity     • proximate analysis               • Thermal conductivity            

• Dissolved oxygen       • Metal analysis                      • Thermal resistivity

• BOD                          • Nutrient analysis                  • Thermal diffusivity

• COD                                                                       • Thermal absorption

TDS                          Synthesis

TSS                           • Silver nanoparticles 

• Dissolved solids          • Zinc nanoparticles

• Metal analysis             • Aluminium nanoparticles

• Bacteriological work

Microbial Biotechnology

• Screening of microbes from marine for feed additives

• Antimicrobial peptides against the clinical pathogens

• Enzyme isolation and its application

• Screening of secondary metabotiles against the cattle pathogens

• Molecular characterization of isoenzymes

• Isolation and screening of enzymes from waste and sea water

• Molecular characterization of enzymes and sequencing

• Gen Bank and NCBI submission

• Screening of bioactive compounds from microbes

Plant tissue culture

 Micropropagation techniques

• Somatic embryogenesis

• Ex- situ conservation of endemic and economically important plants

• Invitro propagation

Molecular biology

• Optimization studies

• Fractionation of proteins

• SDS- Page analysis

• Isolation of Bacterial genomic DNA






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Drug Discovery in Medicinal Plants

  • Patent
  • Introduction to drug discovery.

  • Criteria for selection of source of drugs (Plant source).

  • Preparation/Extraction of plant material.

  • Pharmacognostic and phytochemical studies.

  • Standardization of herbal extracts.

  • Antioxidant, Antimicrobial,Anticancer,Antidiabetic and Anti-inflammatrory studies.

  • Evaluation of cytotoxic properties of drugs.

  • Molecular Techniques